How often a guitar lesson

– EVERY TWO WEEKS (most popular)

Some beginners think that they should take weekly lessons, but that is not necessary. Even for beginners, one lesson ‘every two weeks’ works fine. Each lesson lasts 50 minutes and is pretty intensive. Guitarists with more experience sometimes take one lesson a month, to get some feedback.

When it suits you
Ideal for people with a varying schedule. You can request a lesson when it suits you. After each lesson we will schedule your next lesson together. You can take it during the day or in the evening.

Personal credit
I offer my guitar lessons as a personal credit. You can order them per block of four lessons, and you can take each lesson when it suits you, provided you take at least one lesson per month.

Trial lesson

Don’t worry, a trial lesson is not an audition. Tell me about the songs you would like to play and I will show you how I can help you. A trial lesson lasts 40 minutes, and of course, it is without obligation. Request a trial lesson and I will send you some options. You can choose which time suits you best.


50 min private lesson: € 39,50
Trial lesson: € 10,-
Rates include VAT.

Lessons will be charged per block of 4. Please contact me if you have any further question.
Chamber of Commerce nr: 52739821

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