Gitaarclub Amsterdam, Guitar lessons in Amsterdam for Young and Old.
Rhythm Guitar, strumming, chord progression and playing songs.








Maren Morris performing ‘My Church’. Singing while playing a few basic chords on a guitar. This can be a bit harder than you may think, but I know a good way to teach you how to do this yourself.
Eddie Vedder performing ‘Guaranteed’. He is using a picking pattern that is very common in American Bluegrass- and Folk-music. It may look a bit difficult, but in fact it’s pretty easy.
Norah Jones playing ‘Sunrise’. Her guitar player is using a 4/4 strumming pattern with a beat on 2 and 4. This rhythm is used by many guitar players because it sounds great.
Gitaarles Amsterdam
Gitaarles Amsterdam
Gitaarles in Amsterdam

Guitar lessons in Amsterdam

Learn to play Chords, Strumming- and Picking-patterns.
In the process I will show you how to play pop-songs yourself.

I have over 17 years of experience. More than 40 students take private lessons.
Both beginners and experienced players are welcome.


Neil Young with ‘Needle and the Damage’. Young’s guitar style is characterized by very subtle hammer-on’s and half-muted strokes and will always be a real challenge for any guitarstudent.
David Bowie performing ‘Rock’n’Roll Suicide’. Bowie called himself a ‘very basic’ guitar player, but he very well understood how to play guitar. He is singing while keeping the rhythm without any effort.
‘City Of Stars’ from the movie ‘La La Land’. This song is composed for a piano, but it can work just as good on guitar. You can start by playing a simple version and make it as complicated as you like.

Leave your Guitar at home

If you want, you can bring a guitar. But you really don’t need to. Feel free to leave your own instrument safely at home and use one of my guitars. (also for a left-handed player)

I work in a quiet spacious location in the heart of Amsterdam, close to the Jordaan district.

Playing a song

My approach is simple and well proven. Playing guitar begins with a basic song and a few chords. Step by step I will show you how beautiful and sophisticated pop-music can be.

You don’t need to reed music notation.
Guitar players work with Chords or Tab’s.

My Testimonials

How often a lesson

– EVERY TWO WEEKS (most popular)

50 minutes guitar lesson € 38,-
Trial lesson € 10,-
Rates Include VAT


Norah Jones with Bob Dylan’s ‘I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight’. Her guitar player is picking a slow shuffle that works really well. Not as hard as you may think, and without any bar chords.
‘Jenny Wren’. Paul McCartney tuned his guitar down and is using his thumb and index finger. Notice the same strumming in ‘Blackbird’. As soon as you master this rhythm, you will love to play it.
Paul Weller is playing without his band ‘You Do Something To Me’. An impressive performance, I think. As soon as you understand the structure of this song, it is not too difficult to play it yourself.

Practice with MP3

During every guitar lesson, I will record a short audio track for you on my Mp3 recorder. Step by step I will slowly play a song, so you can practice at home while listening to my instructions.




Mobile: +31 6 26554209
Email: info@gitaarclubamsterdam.nl


Gift Voucher

Order a gift voucher for a trial lesson. Let someone find out for themselves how much fun guitar lessons can be. You can stop by and pick-up the voucher yourself, or I can send it to you by mail.